This  land of God is known for its amazing geographical beauty and peaceful ambiance, which is the reason for the world over tourists to come here and spend a memorable vacation to refresh them throughout the year. To know  about Himachal you have to explore it more from your eyes by visiting yourself. The state is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on the north. Punjab on the west, Uttar Pradesh on the south and Uttaranchal on the east. The word “Himachal” means the abode of snow. Himachal Pradesh is also known as the ‘State of Apples‘. Shimla is the capital of this beautiful state, which is also a major tourist destination for the world.

History of Himachal

The rich Himachal history lays in its inhabited several clans at different ages from the beginning of the civilization. The early civilization you are found here is the Indus Valley civilization during the second or third millennium BC. The followed civilizations are Mongolian and Aryans. According to Indian history, Himachal Pradesh was a group of many small republics, each state as well as a cultural unit at that time. Then came the Mughal rulers like Mahmud Ghaznavi, Alexander Lodi, Timur, etc. established their supremacy in many places. After finishing their period, Gorkhas were the new conquerors, then comes the British, who were the last rulers of Himachal Pradesh . In 1971 Himachal Pradesh emerged as the 18th state of Indian Union.